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The first otitis meter that offers you peace

Did you know that 93% of children until 7 years old have otitis?

Get a clear and instantly diagnosis on your ears

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What is Otitest?

A noninvasive and clinically proven device for measurement and analysis of the middle ear and ear channel color, allowing the diagnosis of ear infections at an early stage. Otitest allows families, to easily diagnose the presence or absence of infection. The first diagnosis can now be made at home, since the Otitest gives a clear and instantly diagnosis.

A unique device that allows you to detect a otitis in the early stage along with the fever.

Otitest was developed thinking of families and the many advantages of early detection of a disease that mainly affects children.

  • It works like a thermometer
  • Designed to exist in every home
  • Very simple to use
  • Decreases the need for antibiotics
Taking care of your ears it has never been so easy.


Otitest offers you serenity and security

Direct Diagnosis

Unlike traditional otoscopes designed only for professionals, ours is for households.

Processing data on electric signal

Diagnosis Early Stage ear infection, which decreases risk of complications, unneeded antibiotics and useless medical appointments and follow-ups.

Affordable and available

Find it at your local pharmacy or electronic retailer (Mass Market).

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Take care of your ears. Live without worries.

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